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Peterborough Buildings in Need Consultation

Hello world!

I am at the early stages of working up a bid to train up volunteers and those who work for and are members of community and third sector organisations in how to survey the built environment. I would love some feedback from volunteers, staff members and anyone who might have an interest.

This project aims to create the first complete building by building survey of the degree of ‘need’ present within the city centre conservation area. This survey will be led by volunteers from the general public, local groups members and volunteers, who will be trained up and supported to complete the survey and engage with and learn about the history of Peterborough’s growth, its buildings and the vulnerabilities within the city centre. As a result they will be empowered to understand how they can manage the historic environment alongside statutory and amenity bodies and will have the opportunity to engage directly with the strategic management of the built environment of Peterborough.

Through understanding and awareness raising of the historic environment of Peterborough’s city centre they will learn what puts buildings ‘at risk’ what makes them ‘at need’, the challenges faced by the historic environment and how these can be managed. This project is timed to coincide with the City Centre Conservation Area Appraisal (currently in draft form) going out to consultation (September 2011) and will last for 6 months. This project will create a dynamic feedback mechanism to go beyond the traditional Conservation Area Management Plan to create one that is led by the interests of users of the space through their understanding of aspects such as ‘significance’ ‘setting’ and levels of need. It will allow people to learn about the heritage of Peterborough and participate in its management at a ‘hands on’ and strategic level.

It will also create an on-line toolkit of resources to enable people to engage on a local level with the management of the built heritage of Peterborough, as a lasting legacy of the project.

I would really appreciate some early feedback through this quick 5 minute survey

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S7Z8XHH. If anyone would like to discuss this further with me I would really appreciate it and coffees and maybe even a biccie can be located as bribery for speaking to me about what people would like to learn.

Thanks and best wishes,


Alice Kershaw

Heritage Regeneration Officer

Opportunity Peterborough and Peterborough City Council





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