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Dr Jackie Hall lectures in St John's Church

Dr Jackie Hall lectures in St John's Church

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Lunchtime Lectures, which finished today with a lecture by Dr Jackie Hall on the oldest building in the City Centre Conservation Area, and the city, Peterborough Cathedral. Over 300 of you have attended the lectures in St Johns Church over the last six weeks. Amongst many other things we have learned the following (click on the point to see more):



1) Dicken’s wasn’t a fan of the catering in Peterborough station

2) London’s Southbank could show Peterborough the way forward

3) Peterborough has 29 Conservation Areas, including the City Centre

4) The Georgians did do something for us…

5) The bridge across the Nene used to be wooden

6) The Hedda stone pre-dates the Vikings

Next year we start all over again on February 21st at 1pm. Workshops are ongoing! Keep an eye on the ‘Resources’ tab for more.


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