Twitter Dictionary

Common Twitter Words

Twitter – a ‘microblogging’ site found at www.twitter.com

A tweet = 140 character message that goes to anyone who follows you.

Most used:

@username = Reply to, this can only be seen by people who are followers of both of you or if people look at your profile or theirs, so it doesn’t appear in everyone’s feed.

D @username = Direct message. This cannot be seen by anyone but the person you are sending this to. DM @username = also means direct message. This will be found not in your main tweet ‘stream’ but in your messages folder.

RT = Retweet – this usually shows you agree with the person’s tweet.

#followfriday = A list of recommended users to follow on Fridays. (Followers = Twitter members that follow your updates)

Twitter Dictionary

abt = about

b/c = because

b4 = before

BFN = bye for now

bgd = background

BTW = By The Way

chk = check

cld = could

clk = click

FB = Facebook

FTF = Face to Face

fwd = forward

FYI = for your information

Hashtag = Catagorising your tweets by using the # tag such as #heritage. This allows people to click on the hashtag and find all other people talking about heritage. This can be useful for events where you may want a specific hashtag that everyone uses who is talking about your event.

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

IM = Instant Message

IRL = In Real Life, or offline

JSYK = just so you know

L8er = later

L8 = late

LMK = Let Me Know

LOL = laugh out loud

njoy = enjoy

OH = overheard

OMG = oh my god or oh my gosh, or even oh my goodness

OMW = on my way

peeps = people

plz = please (also pls)

PPL = People

PWN = Own (as in ‘I totally PWN’d you’ – Americanism)

ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing

RU? = are you?

shld = should

thx = thanks (also tx)

TIA = thanks in advance

ttyl = talk to you later

ttys = talk to you soon

Tweets = Twitter updates

Tweeps = People using twitter

Tweet-back = Referencing a previous Twitter conversation.

Tweeter = A user of Twitter.

Tweeting = The act of posting on Twitter.

Tweet-in = When a group of Twitter users agree to get together at a set time to twitter.

Twitosphere = Community of users of Twitter

Twitterati = The elite members (those with loads of followers) or celebrity members of Twitter

Tweet-up = when people from twitter meet up in real life.

TYT = Take your time.

TY = Thanks

u’ve = for you have

U = you.

V2V = voice to voice (chatting on the phone)

yr = your (or ‘ur’)

YW = you’re welcome



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