Peterborough in Detail: Toby Wood, David Jost and Henry Duckett, March 2012

Peterborough Civic Society, some of whom are volunteers on the Buildings in Need project, have been compiling thousands of photos as part of a project to create a book called ‘Peterborough and its villages in Detail’. The website for this publication is here: http://www.peterborough.net/civicsociety/PeterboroughInDetailBookFlyer.pdf and they can do further presentations on this subject on request.

Speakers in St Johns

From L-R David Jost, Toby Wood and Henry Mansell Duckett from Peterborough Civic Society

Toby, David and Henry highlighted the rich heritage of the city in a highly engaging and entertaining presentation.

Peterborough is a fine cathedral city with a history stretching back well over a thousand years. Its twenty or more villages are of considerable historical importance, from Longthorpe with its medieval tower, to poet John Clare’s Helpston to Thorney with its model estate village. One of England’s grandest houses of the Elizabethan age, Burghley House, is within Peterborough’s administrative district.

Toby started with the basics:

Where is Peterborough?

South of the north

North of the south

West of the east

East of the west

Not in East Anglia

And certainly not in the Midlands

The aims of the project were summarised, with David describing how the Peterboroug Civic Society initially agreed to the project, and then sought the advice of the Peterborough Photographic Society, which dates back to 1887, making the Civic Society, at 60 years, rather a young upstart!

We would like people to:

✔ appreciate their surroundings
✔ share the enjoyment of Peterborough at its finest
✔ help to conserve what’s best

We would like people to:

✔ look around
✔ look up
✔look down

The main point is that heritage in Peterborough is for all!

The detail lies in the detail!

The photos taken had to be from the public footpath or highway, and the images could not be photoshopped. So far they have 2717 photos to whittle down to books size, an epic task.

About Peterborough Civic Society:

Founded in 1952, the Society was established to celebrate the city and its surrounding villages and protect its heritage. The Society organises programmes of talks, produces post cards and pamphlets, arranges visits to local places of interest and has sponsored a DVD. The Society is celebrating its 60th year by publishing this, its first book with text by member Henry Mansell Duckett, Chartered Surveyor and architectural historian.

See www.peterborough.net/civicsociety for more information

Postcard image vote

Peterborough Civic Society are also going to be creating a Peterborough based postcard as part of the Peterborough in Detail Project as a result of a public vote with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. Vote for your favourite image for a postcard below, voting closes at the end of April and the winning postcards will be given away free at the Peterborough Heritage Festival and other events.

Photo A: Blue Door

Photo B: Guildhall

Photo C: Gargoyles

Photo D: Thatch animals

blue door in Wothorpe

Photo B

Photo D



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