Brian White: Peterborough Before and After the Railways, November 2011

Brian White gave an entertaining look at Peterborough immediately before and after the coming of the Railways, using some great historical photos to show how things had changed, some of which are reproduced below.

Brian White St Johns Question and Answer

Brian White Answers Questions from the Audience at St Johns Church


Wooden Bridge

The wooden bridge over the Nene replaced by the now listed Railway bridge into Peterborough station with the coming of the Railways. Whilst it looks a little 'Heath Robinson' as Brian put it, it survived many floods and must have been fairly robust.

Peterborough Train Timetable

The very first timetable for trains to and from Peterborough Station.

The Southbank Railway Sheds

This picture shows what was then Peterborough East Station and is now known as the Southbank. These sheds and mill complex were the first station in Peterborough, and were put in by the Great Eastern Railway Company

Flooding in Peterborough

Flooding in Peterborough was an almost yearly occurance, as can be seen from this postcard of the time.

Tram and horse cart

Horses were still in use until the mid 20th century but here it can be seen a tram and a horse taxi alongside each other



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